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Principal Sponsors

National Park Service
Wildland Fire Management Program
U.S. Geological Survey
EROS Data Center
Northern Rocky Mountain Science Center

Contributing Programs and Clients

Environmental Protection Agency
Joint Fire Sciences
Fire Effects Monitoring and Inventory Protocols (FIREMON)
Sensitivities of Burn-Severity Mapping Algorithms in U.S Ecosystems
National Park Service
Park-based Fire Monitoring, Fire GIS and Fire Ecology
Federal Emergency Management Agency
FEMA - Fires

Other Links / Reports

NPS/GIS Clearinghouse

Principal Individuals

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Carl Key, USGS NRMSC Glacier
Nate Benson, NPS Fire Management Program Center
Brian Sorbel, NPS Alaska RO
Zhiliang Zhu, USGS EDC
Stephen Howard, USGS EDC

Contributing Individuals

Randy McKinley, USGS EDC
Timothy Sexton, USFS
Dick Bahr, NPS NIFC
Brad Cella, NPS Alaska RO
Paul Reeberg, NPS Western RO

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