Contact BAER

If you have problems or questions ...

For USDA contact:
Carl Albury

For DOI contact:
Kurtis Nelson

For BARC requests, please visit the request page here.

Typically, USFS – GTAC supports USFS BAER teams responding to fires that burn on Forest Service lands while USGS – EROS supports Department of Interior (DOI) BAER teams responding to fires on DOI lands (BLM, FWS, NPS, etc.).

PLEASE NOTE: Imagery and BARC support for wildfires where a BAER team is not deployed, or for prescribed fires, are provided on a cost reimbursable basis. Long duration wildfires where a BAER team is deployed may also be requested to cover costs associated with additional BARC assessments sometimes associated with these events. Please contact the appropriate agency representative listed above for any non-standard BAER imagery support. The media and general public can obtain fire activity information on a specific fire from InciWeb or by contacting the locally appropriate federal, state, county, or tribal land management agency.