Post-fire Mapping Programs

The BAER Imagery Support Program aligns very closely with two other Forest Service post-fire mapping programs. These other programs are : 

    1. Monitoring Trends in Burn Severity (MTBS) - MTBS is a collaborative program between the USDA Forest Service and the Department of Interior, U.S. Geological Survey. MTBS produces a comprehensive database of all large (>= 500 acres in the eastern U.S. and >= 1,000 acres in the western U.S.) fires dating back to 1984. The website offers an interactive way to find, filter and sort fire information by state. 

    2. Rapid Assessment of Vegetation Condition After Wildfire (RAVG) - RAVG is a Forest Service program designed to assist silviculturists and land managers with performing revegetation and land restoration following fire events on Forest Service lands.